Your Clients Can Legally Kill You...

It's time to take control of your office and quit selling your soul for a buck. You don't need to "be nice" (AKA get dragged through the dirt) anymore. Your clients can make you sick and destroy your life at home. How much time have you spent thinking and talking about difficult clients or customers? Buy my book and take back what is rightfully your own: your office, your money and your sanity.

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What's Inside:


Human beings spend a vast majority of their life doing two things: sleeping and working. These two areas, if messed up in some way, won't allow you to live a good life. This book addresses the latter (and most likely, eventually, covers the first one as well). Bad clients or customers at your business can destroy not just your work life but also your personal life.

That horrific client causes you massive stress and you come home and, without you even totally knowing it, you take it out on your family, friends, pets, etc. You can even develop sickness and your health can start to slip.

The people around you need to be aggressively filtered and watched because the closer they are, the more they affect you (for better or worse). You have worked very hard to learn your trade or your skill-set. Why do you need to beg for clients? Why do you need to be treated poorly? Do you need them more or do they need you more?

Here are the main points I want you to realize about your job or business:

1. All the "marketing" sharks floating around you and your business are looking to get paid, sneak under the radar long enough, and get out. Chances are they have no idea how to market or sell what you do. You've probably been burned before and you will get burned again. This book will prevent that.

2. Marketing and sales are considered two different subjects. THEY ARE NOT. These two subjects are married and there is actually a step that goes in-between them that has to be in. If you don't do all 3 steps, you will continue to beg for your client's money and you will be a slave. You learn about all 3 aspects in this book.

3. All the garbage you have been told about "closing techniques," sales drills, etc have always seemed wrong or strange. THEY ARE. When you are honest and create an attraction system to actually bring in the kind of people you want to work with, there are no head-games, no emotional wrestling, no painful headaches and no looking at your bank account balance in terror. This book will show you exactly how to do this and how to set it up so that your clients respect you and your time and are excited to pay you and get started.

4. Price resistance can only exist in a situation where the prospect is not enlightened. People that have doubts or insecurities complain about price. This book will help you to create trust and stability for your prospects and clients so that you do not need to handle price resistance ever again. You are a skilled technician.

There are a million books out there on sales and marketing. It seems like a lot of work and you just "don't have the time" to do it. I will show you how you can actually make more money, dramatically reduce your stress and work LESS after this is all said-and-done.

What is in this book applies also to staff and personnel: how to attract them and how to hire the right people.

Marketing and sales, boiled down into one word, is simply ATTRACTION. If you attract the right people who are looking for what you have, there should not be much arguing or difficulty in having them around.

So quit being a slave to your clients. Break your chains and regain your sanity. Regain your love for your work and allow that love to spread through your family, friends, etc. Make your work into a stronghold of your life where, no matter what else is going on, your work can be your anchor when times are tough. Work can be so wonderful that you actually feel good and refreshed after a 10-hour day. THIS IS THE WAY WORK SHOULD BE.

I dumped every ounce of knowledge I have on this subject into this book. I wrote it with the purpose of delivering to you, the reader, the maximum amount of value in the minimum amount of time with the minimum amount of big words or difficult concepts. I really want you to be able to gain this information easily so that you can use it right away. I care about you. Do well.


"This one prospect was angling for a discount and before I would have caved but I was like fuck it, I literally don’t need you as a client unless you pay me. And now they’re considering buying something like 10x more expensive lol"


Marketing and Business Development Manager, ACKERT

"I have a business and after implementing this knowledge I started marketing the right way, to the right people, attracting the clients I actually wanted and the ones I did not and my income tripled. My life also got easier, nothing beats working with the right people."


Owner, The Talented Photographer

About The Author:

Copyright 2020 - Brandon Joe Williams


I learned two things at a very young age:

1. Exchanging time for money is economic suicide and, frankly, boring and challenging

2. School is a terrible racket and very little of what I knew I was learning was actually going to be applicable to my life. I wanted to learn technical subjects that I could use, not advanced mathematics and science.

People who fit the above two points are generally attacked by society. People lash out in actions that can be summed up in "misery loves company."

But the truth is this: they are wrong. They are ALL wrong.

Our society is crushed into this strange ball of degradation where we are supposed to go to school and learn very little, learn and follow laws we cannot hope to understand or know, make money in high taxation and inflation and work where bosses and clients are enough to make you feel like you have been thrown in a garbage compactor and are being crushed at both ends.

Just because every single person tells you the same thing does NOT make it true.

You have to ask yourself: "am I brainwashed or is it the entire society that is?"

As depressing and crushing of a realization it is, I had my first breakthrough on this subject in 2007 when I watched the documentary Zeitgeist for the first time.

It shook me to my core and, at that time, I was only 21 years old.

I spent months watching that documentry over and over, maybe 30 times, and looking up information on the various subjects.

I came to a decision: that to be accepted by society is essentially death. The only way I would be accepted would be by creating a NEW reality and perception of life and understanding. Then getting people on board with it that are beaten down and confused by the state of the world.

Owning a house doesn't mean anything, having a nice car doesn't mean anything, having tons of money in the bank doesn't mean anything.

People are chasing something that they CANNOT get through physical means: self-confidence and high self-value.

All around you this is what people are doing... the world is completely insane and to listen to the screams of the people around you is akin to leaning over and kissing a cobra.

The premise of my current book, "Don't Be a Slave to Your Clients: Break Your Chains and Regain Your Sanity" - as well as all my future books and materials, is that you can trace back all your difficulties, stresses and upsets to PEOPLE.

What I mean by that is it is not money or situations or circumstances that cause you these things. It's the PEOPLE connected with the money, circumstances and situations that cause the troubles that you have.

Being undeserving, desiring punishment and having a thirst for self-degradation are all keys in being successful in business.

If you do not have these things then learning and changing your situation is possible and can be done rapidly.

My material is based upon a very long study of about 13 years where I learned about the state of the world, how the mind works, the true source of the political problems in our world, etc.

My entire purpose is to empower you to a level that has never before been available and to unlock unshakable certainty in who you are and what you do.

My material will most likely eventually be attacked. That is always a good thing and material that goes under fire is usually material that I assume is workable.

The reason why is because insane people do not want you to do well and they will scream, lie, cheat and steal to make sure you go nowhere but down.

The people with the greatest power in this world are rare. They are:

1. Book writers
2. Book readers

The reason being is because people who cannot or do not read are at the mercy of the media and the more emotional aspects of life. Most of them become lost.

The ability to read and write is the ability to connect to someone powerful and learn. You can learn more of value from ONE single book than an entire 8 year college degree.

The ability to read, assimilate and apply information is becoming a dying art... and thus the society dies to that degree.

Even myself, as a child and teenager, was labeled ADHD and given stimulant drugs to "solve" an imaginary problem. I was on these drugs for most of my life.

The emphasis in society is spending tremendous money to go to a college to learn from someone who has probably never successfully done that of which they teach.

Not calmly sitting there and accepting that of which you are fed is considered a "mental disorder" and is grounds to have you medicated or removed.

Our American constitution is under attack: particularly the 1st and 2nd amendment.

Almost every single mass shooter in America was on powerful mind-altering medications. Back even 70 years ago, schools had gun classes. People were not shooting each other.

Free pornography is all over the internet and SOMEONE is paying for it and it is NOT cheap to produce.

Inflation is getting worse and worse, probably on purpose, to usher in a socialism or communism.

These are not "conspiracy theories" - this is reality and a reality that most people CANNOT or WILL NOT look at. Or they scream and try to force-feed it down the throats of others.

The truth is, you have the power to change the world. Every single individual does. And if we do not start teaming up and working together, this beautiful country may not be around much longer.

What people need are educational materials that are produced in a way where they are not boring, done and communicated caringly (not authoritarianly) and without big, incomprehensible words.

Something funny that goes over the basics of life and why certain things are important. Education that is done in a way to truly connect with people and help them understand the various IMPORTANT things in life.

This is my goal and my first book does this in a beautiful way.

The problem is this: without being economically sound, people do not feel comfortable reaching out and helping others and...

PEOPLE are the source of everything related to not being economically sound.

You need to understand people and control them to successfully get above your economic hardships or your emotional difficulties.

I want you to receive the knowledge you need to set you free, then I want you to use your freedom to rise up and help others become free.

I can help you. You can help others.

You can become a real-life superhero and salvage massive sections of the society.

Please... before it's too late.

Eventually we won't have this option. 

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